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Local Bands - info and links

18 RABBIT - is a DC area quintet specializing in contagious progressive rock. Check out this rock band that is somewhat familiar to the ear, yet surprisingly new and different.
3 Times Fast

3% Fat - "If you're down with local groups like Everything, Underfoot, Blue Miracle, Ode to Abbey, Mudcat Jones, Puddle Duck, All Mighty Senators, and the like...you will most definitely dig us. We got the whole James-Brownish-funkin'-go-lucky vibe goin' on and we guarantee good times."

51 Peg - roctronica!
alicia's Mad
All Mighty Senators
Avant Gaardvark
ballyhoo! - is an energetic, teenage pop-punk trio from Aberdeen,Md looking to get signed to a well-established record label. This high school punk band mixes a potpourri of ska, latin, and 50's style rock to diversitize their music.
Baltic Avenue
The Beat Police New DC band, younguns specialize in rock, funk, reggae and ska. Working along with other local bands like Over the Counter and Plan 9 to make real good original music.
Big Village - a tribal/alternative band from Washington, D.C. whose unique music is distinguished by a mixture of Rock, Funk, African and Middle Eastern dance grooves, female vocal harmonies, undulating bass lines, and strong rhythmic percussion.
Blue Junction
Blue Miracle
Deanna Bogart - HOT FUNKY BLUES
Brownie Mary
buckledown - buckledown is an 8 piece ska/punk band from Harrisonburg, Va
Carbon Leaf
The Circle Six is a hip hop rock band that combines the intensity of a live instrumental power trio with the aggressive openess of hip hop lyrics. This, along with frequent guest mc's, other musicians and the Worthy Bros films is what makes a C-6 show an experience.
Circle 9 - *disclaimer - these are the words of Porky, the drummer* 4 Dorks Converge on a Dimly Lit rat inFested SHit Hole in THe gHetto to Butt Heads make Noise -n- Try to Act Cool. The Act which ensues then Becomes The most Beautifully restricted repulsive Freedom of Spiritual Defecation I've Known.
Citizen Cope
The Clarks
Colouring Lesson
Corduroy 9 - Their original music has been described as a mix of Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, and Tom Petty. They have a blues and classic rock background but focus on experimentation with those traditional forms. Song styles range from classic to heavy rock, blues to pop, and disco to ballads.
Crenshaw - based in Washington, DC. Check them out....new CD called add the good coming out in September '98.
Dandelion Wine
Devine Nature - One of D.C.'s funkiest new bands. A blend of P-Funk, Acid Jazz, and Hip-Hop all rolled into one. Headed by Philippe and Devine (formerly of Daughters of the Cipher), the Nature takes you on a freaky trip back to the days when it was all about the groove. Full of in your face percussion and bass, layered with cosmic synths and bluesey organs, Devine Nature will have your head nodding and your booty shaking all night long.
Division - DC's premiere power metal band!
Earth To Andy
Eddie From Ohio
Eden's Poets
Elizabeth - punkish, mostly rock, trio from DC!
Emmet Swimming
The Ernies - "We're not ska-core, reggae, jazz, or funk, we're not hip-hop or rock or pop, you know we won't stop groovin', it's like a thing called Jive, you mix it up and keep the people satisfied. no need to classify or nullify the claims that say that we're insane, so to pacify those of you who need a label, call it what you want I know you'll kick it if you're able. We call it Jive!"
Ethos Eros
Euphoric Lift
Rob Fahey
The Favorites
fetiSh - A Fairfax band that provides a milieu of intense, introspective songs and ideas.
Fighting Gravity is a six-piece band out of Richmond that has been playing together since 1986. Their musical style combines new rock, world beat and pop-ska sounds.
Flipside - punk/ska band out of Baltimore
Foam - a powerful hard rock band out of Hagerstown built around vibrant vocals and ripping guitar work.
Frum The Hills
Full Moon Jam
Funny Money
Gadget White Band - female fronted 5 piece original modern rock band.
Gathering Field
Gibb Droll
Gingham Shmüz
Glenmont Popes
GravyBoat is a cosmic blend of jazz, funk, rock, groove, and everything else under the sun.
The Greene Onion Band - is a one man project. It's soul member; Brian Jerrell hail's from Laurel, Maryland. Jerrell plays every instrument on the Greene Onion Band's demo, Union.
Groovalistic Allstars
Groovement - Hard edged funky butt shaking original variety music from Baltimore.
Hotrod Otis
Jah Works
Jay Jay
Jennifer On Sunday
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Voted one of the best new bands in '97 by Rock Love Magazine!
Kelly Bell Band
Julia Rose
The Kingdom Of Leisure - It is thick, it is raw, it is deliberate, it is haunting. There is a certain texture that transcends the surface - substance. Vulnerability. There are no accidents. All of TKoL's songs seem to escape definition by their incisive double-meanings, rabid sense of humor, and bitter sarcasm - all within the parameters of technically proficient music structure, improvisation and execution.
Lake Trout
Laughing Colors
Less Traveled
Level - "heavy groovecore"--very melodic with lots of harmonies but a very heavy and groove-oriented sound.
Liquid Lobster
Live Alien Broadcast - check out the new CD out entitled "...Even Further".
Love Riot
Luka Brazzi
margret heater - Baltimore's newest hardcore band. Ihis band has begun writing in a more traditional Hardcore vein, leaving behind a trail of satisfied listeners and shredding every audience. !Check this out!
Andrew McKnight - Solo acoustic Americana singer/songwriter and guitarist
Memphis Gold featuring Charlie Sayles - This Southern Blues band, with Chester Chandler (K.D.) as the lead guitarist and vocals along with harmonica player Charlie Sayles, is a show one ought not to miss. Memphis Gold plays at local blues venues in the DC area.
Michael Sheppard Group
Milepost Nine
Modern Yesterday is an energetic and emotional modern rock band from Fairfax. Melody-oriented songs with an emphasis on dynamics and emotional imagery. Listeners are instantly struck by the intensity of the emotion in the vocals. Their songs feature exciting changes in tempo and intensity. Anyone who enjoys a rock rhythm will respond to the MY experience.
Mr. Pink
Mr. Yuk
Mudcat Jones
The Naked Anne - an upbeat, high-energy, JMU rock trio.
Ken Navarro - one of today's leading contemporary jazz guitarists.
NO.2 Pencil - Fronted by Glenn Hall, (former frontman of Sorry About Your Daughter), NO.2 Pencil blends alternative with some "bitter soul" and a little bit of jazz.
Ode to Abbey
Once Hush
Orange Whip
The Outcasts
Outer Body Llama
The Pat McGee Band
the phobes - DC based trio. mod/punk/garage/pop
Pop Star
Power Lloyd
Practically Einstein
Prana an experimental/progressive type rock band from Annapolis.
Mary Prankster
Puddle Duck
Radio Mosaic
RAINCAGE - An awesome new band out of Richmond. Their music is a flowing vortex of melody and electronica, peppered with acoustic, rock, and raw energy... a musical picture poetically framed with contemplative lyrics.
Rebel Amish Radio
The Recipe
Sam Gunderson & Cactus Groove
Shadow Bone is a newly formed Modern Pop/Rock band from the D.C. area...... Shadow Bone is from an Allen Ginsburg poem, which means the manefestation from thought into reality. They will be performing at a venue near you soon, so check them out!
Laura Shawen - A six-piece,original power vocal with lead violin band!
Sick is a four-piece rock and roll outfit based out of Baltimore. Originally formed as a "What do we have to lose?" drunk-punk fiasco in high school, Sick rolled on and grew up a little. They make a fun & fuzzy rock noise accompanied by pleasantly weird lyrics. They run the gamut on influences and then keel over with exhaustion.
Signs Point toYes
Skadfathers - the newest and most promising dc ska band.....
smartbomb - The smartbomb sound mixes keen pop sensibility with classic punk energy. The powerful harmonies of vocalists Scott Brotemarkle and Chuck Andrada rise above the edgy music to convey their smart lyrics. If you missed this DC-based bands' shows with Matchbox 20 or Our Lady Peace, catch up with them speeding down 95---
Some Odd Reason
Spine - Heavy slam hip hop groove straight outta the DC/MD area...
SQUASH -- clever, alt-pop rock with a bit of an edge...out of DC
Starseed Speed
Stick 'Em Up is a Virginia based band playing around DC, Va, and Md.
The Stiffys
Stone Soup
Storm Season -- A Virginia-based original band. Storm Season eschews genres in favor of a more open and intuitive approach to songwriting and performing. Material varies from Celtic folk influences to heavy rock and ambient textures.
Strawman is a tight-knit unit bonded by a common desire to write, record and perform original music to the length of their capacity. Strawman takes full advantage of the diverse musical backgrounds within the band and is prepared to undergo the most arduous of journeys to win the world as an audience.
Target for Aggression is from Richmond, VA. They began as a basic punk rock band but have since been influenced by many emo, hardcore, grind and metal bands.
temporary basement - power pop you can deal with
The Ordinary Way
thinking out loud
Thrift Unit
Thrillsville ...Frederick,Maryland's original surf/punk/rock-a-billy band rockin' the Cats and Kittens in the Baltimore/DC area.
Touch - out of DC... they rock!!
Tropical Breeze is a fresh new band based in Washington D.C. With Five players having roots from throughout the hemisphere we present the sounds of Latin Jazz and Tropical Music.
Under Oath
underfoot - from the Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains. They drive around making intense music about lust, fear, death, the cosmos, and adventures. Currently they are playing somewhere in the middle east coast of America to a dedicated throng of fearless free thinkers.
Upside Out - Maryland hard core, hip hop, funk, punk, with a twist of craziness.
Vivid Season - a modern & classic rock band..pro gear..smooth 4 part harmonies....playing radio freindly covers throughout maryland,delaware,virginia & D.C.
Xenos Arrow - Alternative Rock! out of College Park, MD.
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